The 5 Things In Life That Subconsciously Drag You Down

The 5 Things In Life That Subconsciously Drag You Down

There are always going to be a few bumps in the road in the journey of life. A few obstacles to hurdle over, a few battles we have to fight. Most of these things are typically out of our control and are just little aspects of life that everyone has to deal with.

Although life throws us a few curve balls every now and then, there are a few problems that we bring upon ourselves. Little do we sometimes notice the things in life that drag us down that we are unaware of. Here are five things that subconsciously drag us down.

1) Friends. No, not every friend brings forth with them negative vibes. However, we all do have that one friend, if not a couple friends, that are constantly mentally draining us with their problems or negative attitudes in general. At times, it is hard for us to see that our friends are the one dragging us down because, after all, they are our friends. But unfortunately, sometimes the people we love come with baggage that can weigh us down. Don’t let it. Separate yourself from their personal issues.

2) Money. We typically don’t like to think of ourselves as materialistic or greedy, but money does play a large role in our lifestyles. At the end of the day, money is always a worry whether we want to admit it or not. Always remember that where you are in life right now is where you are supposed to be. Be comfortable with the earnings you work hard for.

3) The past. The past weighs us down like an anchor that we cannot move forward from without release. Constantly dwelling on past relationships and memories is enough to send us right into depression. Leave the past in the past. We are creating new memories right now.

4) Great expectations. Everyone has them. They’re the “life plan” we’ve had in the back of our minds for years. We may never discuss them, but we have milestone goals we want to reach by certain ages or places we think we should already be right now. Don’t rush these things. You have the rest of your life to meet your expectations.

5) Accepting criticism. We all like to think we thrive and excel after receiving “constructive criticism”, however, this little tool for self-growth often does the opposite. If someone tells us we aren’t up to par at something, we often dwell on that and live in fear of trying to do that one thing again. Use this to fuel yourself to work harder.

No matter the source of the negativity, all of these things can seriously drain us mentally and physically. Worrying begins consuming our lives and it only continuously adds stress. Some of these things we don’t consider to be the problem that is dragging us down, but it is time to face the music. To read more in depth about other things that are subconsciously dragging you down, read an article from the Having Time blog:

How to Get Over Your Social Awkwardness and Mingle

How to Get Over Your Social Awkwardness and Mingle

Ah—the dreaded party invitation. Your coworker is having a BBQ bash as a housewarming party this weekend, and you are on the guest list. To be polite, you immediately R.S.V.P. your attendance to this party full of people you aren’t even sure that you know. Oh, well, at least you have weekend plans, right? What else is there to worry about? Wrong.

As humans, we are our own worst enemy. We get inside our own heads and sometimes we aren’t even sure how to appropriately communicate with others. And hey, that’s okay. Everyone is a little weird, but it is important to know how to avoid flying your freak flag high or being a shy, modest wallflower the entire gathering.

So, you’re socially awkward. You stutter when you introduce yourself, if not the entire conversation, and you often find yourself conversing about the weather or your favorite T.V. show that also happens to be Spongebob Squarepants. I get it—human-to-human interaction isn’t your thing. But, here are a few conversations and conversation starters anyone can have to help them mingle at a party.

1) Prepare to converse. First, if you are alone at this party, I recommend having one alcoholic beverage. Just one. Not two. One drink too many can end up with you being “that girl” that everyone remembers but is trying to forget. One drink will help loosen you up just enough to slightly put your social awkwardness aside.

2) Choose a unique accessory. When you are getting ready for the party, try to add something interesting to your outfit. Typically, your best bet is to add a unique accessory. Whether it is a piece of jewelry, a scarf, a handbag, etc., wearing a unique piece with your outfit is a great conversation starter, and a great way for people to approach you. Or, if someone you see at a party is wearing an interesting brooch or other article of an outfit, compliment them. Everything usually has a story and can turn into great conversation.

3) Break the ice over food. A great way to start talking to people is while you are in line to get food or a drink. A great thing to discuss while in these lines would be how they know the host of the party. This is a great way to make connections and could potentially lead to further conversation.

4) Introduce yourself. But, obviously, you can’t just run up and start talking to someone. Another convenient way to enter a conversation is to just approach someone and simply say, “Hey, I’m __________. I don’t know a lot of people here but I am ____________’s coworker. I just wanted to introduce myself and get to know some people here.” This is a simple introduction and more than likely the people will introduce themselves back and will be glad to talk to you.

A golden rule in conversing at a party is to remember to keep you alcohol to a minimum, and always begin with an introduction. This way, they will be able to have a name to connect to whatever subject you all talked about. It’s amazing how sticking to simple topics and mingling with several people can easily make you the life of the party.

Why Changing Jobs Was My First Step to Happiness

Why Changing Jobs Was My First Step to Happiness

I had no idea a new career would make me so happy.

Ask 10 friends about their job. Then ask them if they like what they do.

I bet 9/10 will say they hate their job.

And one year ago, I would’ve been one of those 9.

Why do we do that to ourselves? Why is it that we willingly force ourselves to wake up five days a week and go to an office we despise, doing tasks that don’t fulfill us. Just for a paycheck?

Don’t get me wrong. We all need a paycheck. Those diapers aren’t dropped to my front door for free. But what if we could do something five days a week that made us happy?

My job one year ago was an Administrative Assistant. I filed papers, stamped things, ordered lunches, and made phone calls for my boss. Hurray, I was someone else’s busy worker.

I felt disengaged from others and didn’t feel like I was doing anything important for the world.

Then, I talked to my cousin about nursing. She recently received her RN and absolutely loved her work at a hospital. She worked with intelligent people as her supervisors and met so many people each day.

I have no idea why sticking a needle in someone’s arm is so fun for me!

She told me if I was interested, there were phlebotomy technician positions opening up in a few months. She said that phlebotomy training was extremely fast(and it was, the course was over in a matter of weeks), and if I was serious about changing jobs, she could get me straight to an interview as long as I was enrolled in phlebotomy courses.

I found a great list of classes(click here if you want to check out where I found my phlebotomy class), enrolled, and went to my interview.

The interviewer(a charge nurse) loved me! She loved my enthusiasm and saw my dedication for the job since I was enrolled in a phlebotomy class. After my class ended, I was offered a job and working as a Phlebotomy Technician.

The new job was and still excites me everyday. Everyday I’m making a difference. I’m doing something to treat someone who is ill or in need of care. Everyday, I talk to and look into the eyes of a person whose life I will affect for the better.

And I love it. Working in the medical field is so satisfying and now I’m considering enrolling in a nursing program. One more year at the hospital, and we’ll see where I want to take my career.

4 Delightful Tips to Loving Your Body

4 Delightful Tips to Loving Your Body

In the busy hustle bustle of life where shuffling responsibilities becomes quite a challenge for women, many find it quite difficult to spare time on personal grooming. This results in the gradual deterioration of skin, hair and body and untimely age shows up without warning. To avoid fine lines on skin or dry and falling hair a simple daily personal grooming routine can be followed that would lead to definite results in the long run, and the best thing is, hardly any time or cost is involved

1) Dry a minimum of 8 glasses of water and spruce 2 glasses up

It has been medically proven that consuming a minimum of 8 glasses of water daily reduces the occurrence of many diseases and even contributes in the keeping the skin fresh. To reduce weight or keep oneself trim a small no cost act that can be done easily is, drink a glass of lukewarm water with a teaspoon of honey and few drop of fresh lemon squeezed early morning everyday. This would help in digestion, lead to weight loss and keep the skin fresh and glowy.

2) Oil and condition hair

With the passage of time and increment in age, dandruff and falling hair are some of the greatest problems that most women face. This can easily be tackled with simply massaging olive oil or coconut oil 10 minutes before stepping in the shower. It nourishes and moisturizes the scalp, opens pores for better relaxed hair and leave them soft and smooth. Moreover, conditioning is vital for good hair. Exposure towards blow drying, straightening and curling cripples down the texture of hair, choose authentic and great value shampoos and hair conditioners over non performing ones, some of the best products are available on this great site. With regular use, the body, shine and look of hair can be maintained with ease.

3) Cleanse skin and scrub it every alternate day

Wrinkles appear on the skin due to over drying and acne forms due to oil buildup on the skin. To keep the skin moisturized so that wrinkles do not form and also keep it unclogged for any build ups, simply use a cotton ball or wipe and cleanse the skin before going to sleep. By doing so, a gentle massage lifts the features and takes away all form of dirt that can be make the skin look dull. It restores the hydro-level and results in an attractive and well-maintained skin that glows and looks supple.

4) Drop rose petals in the shower

Having a sauna can be quite a delight, either rose petals can be dropped in directly that would leave its fragrance on the skin and also induce the body with its beneficial properties but also prove to be quite therapeutic. For those who do not such a luxury, can do a small act of taking a piece of net, secure rose petals in it and tie it near the neck of the shower. Through this technique water that flows out of the shower would be scented and will contain the properties of rose petals.

Five Interesting Ways to Bring Yourself True Happiness

Five Interesting Ways to Bring Yourself True Happiness

Everyone’s goal in life is to find pure happiness. If we’ve found our own happiness, we are usually looking to make someone else happy. Typically, we spend our whole lives searching for happiness and finding this once-in-a-lifetime feeling in a variety of different things—some things we expected and some we didn’t even know we wanted.

On the search for happiness, we find that it is truly trial and error. Some things we long for, only to find out we didn’t really want it. Other things, we just simply stumble upon and it brings us true joy. Regardless of what we are looking for and our intentions, there are a few things that we can do that bring us joy in life.

1) Do what you love. Easier said than done, I know. In a world with a tough economy, our professions do not reflect our desires. But in a world where we spend the majority of our life at work, it is crucial to find a job that we genuinely enjoy. If you are not happy at your workplace or profession, find a way to make doing what you love work. It may take a long time to figure it out, but you will find great benefits when you do.

2) Make those around you happy. I often forget how happy it makes me to see others around me happy. Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in jealousy when others are happy when we aren’t, but to see someone we love glowing with joy is contagious.

3) Leave yourself notes. Write down quotes, scripture, or anything that motivates or inspires you, and leave these pieces of paper in your car, in your wallet, or on your bathroom mirror—anywhere you are on a regular basis. These notes are a constant reminder to you every single day of your goals, faith, and beliefs and reading them will give you a different, more positive outlook on life each day.

4) Say yes. You don’t have to excessively say yes to everything that comes your way, but put yourself out there and try new things. Maybe someone invited you to try a new exercise or art class—no matter what it is, getting out into the world and doing things only brings forth something new and exciting.

5) Learn to love yourself. You can’t love your life until you love yourself. It’s time to come to terms with the fact that you are the only person in the entire universe that is exactly like you. You are unique, interesting, and it is time to accept that. You cannot be duplicated. That’s pretty cool, right?

The definition of happiness truly varies from person to person. It doesn’t matter how happiness is achieved, as long as it is achieved. You can go your whole life searching for happiness, but sometimes we are looking in all the wrong places, and sometimes it is right in front of us without us knowing it. Search for your true happiness by doing these five things—you’ll never know until you try.


Happiness is a Healthy Family

A healthy family is a happy family. So the first time my daughter had nasty chest congestion, I was immediately in disarray.

I was completely harried by both work, and the idea of tending to the needs of my sick daughter. She was miserable. I was miserable. Ah! What a mess a simple cold can cause!

My emotions went everywhere and it’s almost as if I forgot every trick in the book I knew about beating the common cold. But after reviewing how to deal with chest congestion for kids, I was quickly able to relieve my daughter of her ills, and save me some stress!

The steps I took were simple.

First, I setup a humidifier in my daughters room. Now don’t get me wrong. She hated it at first. She hated the noise it made. She didn’t like that “smoke” was pumping into her room, and she wanted it out. But make no mistake about it, she was able to sleep much easier at night with the humidifier. It made a huge difference. And if she’s getting more sleep, that means I get more sleep, too! And we all know we need our sleep to stay happy!

Second, I went old school and bought a little bottle of Vicks rub. This worked out extremely well. Again, she disliked having “goo” rubbed on her chest, but after about half an hour she talked about how the “warmth in her chest” actually started to feel good(despite the goo). Vicks is an old remedy but it still works. And it has since become my staple whenever my daughter gets sick.

And last but not least, I tried to keep her hydrated. When she was sick she would completely lose her appetite and not want to eat or to drink anything. But one thing I made sure of was that for each meal she drank a glass of water with it. I didn’t care if she didn’t finish her soup, but finishing that glass of water was a must.

Anyway, whenever your children get sick I hope these tips help out. The faster they get better, the faster they’re back to being their happy and normal selves. As a parent, this means you can go back to being happy as well!


How DIY Crafting Saved My Depression

Imagine this. You’re a single mother. You’re struggling to make ends meet. And when you want to go out, all you have to wear are the shabby clothes and accessories you got at Walmart or Target.

That was me.

I never made much money at my previous job as an administrative assistant. But before I had my daughter it was enough for me to get by. I could still eat out, purchase some cute accessories, and enjoy my life.

But once you start buying diapers and baby bottles? A whole different story.

I could no longer afford to shop for expensive accessories. So when one of my favorite bracelets broke, I got so upset. Venting frustration in my head like:

“My stuff is breaking, and I can’t even afford to replace it!”

“What kind of cheap stuff is this made out of anyway! Even I could make this!”

… Even I could make this?

So why don’t I? That one question changed my life.

I set out on a project to make my own bracelet. I used to make my own jewelry as a good, but had stopped after middle school. Surely, I could pick it up again!

And I did. I found fantastic tutorials on Honestly WTF. So I bought very cheap supplies, and every day for a week, I went home and started crafting my first DIY bracelet in years. I was so excited to do it!

After a week, I had finished my bracelet, and I adored it. Best of all, other people did, too! Coworkers at work would ask me where I bought my “cute bracelet.” I was so proud to tell them I had made it!

The lesson I learned? You don’t need money to feel beautiful. Creating my own bracelets and rediscovering an old passion made me love myself again, and feel happy for the first time in months.

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